Bybee Produce, LLC is the world's premier quality grower, packer and shipper of yellow, white, red, and sweet onions. Shipping and marketing throughout the United States and Internationally. Bybee Produce, LLC providers the ultimate in quality control, customer service, convenience and value.

Throughout the expansive farming operation are state of the art packing technology, storage and proprietary shipping capabilities. Bybee Produce, LLC controls every aspect of quality, exceeding even the highest customer expectations... from "seed to store".

Bybee Produce, LLC markets include North America, South America and Pacific Rim countries. Bybee Produce, LLC is Primus Food Safety Certified, and WSDA Certified Organic.

Bybee's Key Integraged Companies are a very important part in keeping our products safe, high quality, stable and competitive. 

Bybee Farms, LLC is the core of the farming operation and the largest supplier of onions to Bybee Produce, LLC. Bybee Farms, LLC conducts planting, growing, irrigating and harvesting on over 8000 irrigated acres in Washington State. Crops include onions, green peas, sweet corn, green beans, carrots and grass seed. 

Clyde Bybee Farms, LLC is the primary trucking fleet for Bybee Farms and Bybee Foods, LLC which was established to ensure unsurpassed quality of Bybee products, fresh and frozen while in transit.

All Bybee companies aid in the quality and efficiency of Bybee Produce, LLC by providing an additional presence in distribution lanes as well as crop rotation.