Our packaging solutions include customized packs for our valued consumers. Whether it is a 40 pound RPC off to retail stores or palletized bags of onions on it way to Pacific Rim Countries, we take pride in completing the entire process. Everything from planting the seed, maintaining the fields for optimal growth, harvesting and storing the onion, sorting and processing, and finally shipping, eventually to end up on your table. We provide quality from start to finish.

- We are so confident in our quality, we put our name on every bag.

40 Pound RPC
The Reusable Packaging Container is a new age product that is used to reduce the high cost of waste and support sustainability. Retailers are able to purchase onions in bulk and conveniently display using the same packaging, then return the container for their next shipment.  

3, 5 & 10 Pound Bags
With multiple packaging options, consumers have the ability to buy what they need. 3, 5 & 10 Pound bags are ideal for retail stock and sales.

25 & 50 Pound Bags
When buying large quantities of onions, the bag is the way to go. Great versatility along with the logo recognition is very important to consumers. The bags are also very easy to stack and ship for long distances with minimal damage.  

25, 40 & 50 Pound Cartons
Using boxes of onions with a logo design on the side gives the advantage of marketing without saying a word. Consumers will decide to buy a product within the first 7 seconds of looking at it. It is very important to have a clean yet recognizable product.

Sorting & Sizing
At Bybee Produce, we take pride in our quality and consistency. This machine allows us to size and weight each onion to ensure the client receives no only the correct onion but also the best. From here the onion will be backed in either RPC's, bags, or boxes then shipped to the consumer.  

The purpose of this self palletized machine is to ensure quality products from the seed to the store without damage. Allowing this machine to stack and wrap each individual bag, box and RPC, will ensure the quality of the onion that Bybee Produce takes pride in producing. This will also guarantee a safe journey from Bybee Produce to the store and eventually into your home.