Over 30 years ago, Bybee Farms began with 1800 acres located on the Columbia River in the heart of Washington State's rich, fertile Columbia Basin. Now the Bybee Family Farms include over 8,000 acres and continue to expand.

Today, Clyde Bybee and his son, Neal, own and operate a diverse vertical network of successful, expanding, family owned and operated businesses.  The Bybee's are visionary in raising, developing and marketing the diversity of Bybee Farms products. From planting, growing, and harvesting, to storage, processing, packaging and shipping, they set the industry standard in assured quality and integrity.

Bybee Produce, LLC is the premier quality grower, packer and shipper of US onions. Products include yellow, white, red, sweet and organic onions. 

Bybee Produce, LLC is another example of the Bybee's continuing commitment to quality. The Bybee Family goal has been, and continues to be, offering superior quality products that proudly carry the Bybee name.